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This is a military 1-part protective suit with air-distribution system.

The suit is closed by a liquid tight zipper with cover on the back side.

Gas tightness is guaranteed trough the overpressure in the Suit.

No half or full mask required.

For work in the laboratory the suit has walking soles on the fix mounted socks.

For outside works over-boots are used.

The ventilating unit is equal to the suit equipment but with only two hoses to the suit and less shut off valve.

Uniform air-distribution is regulated by 4 outlet valves protected against fouling.

Working time in hot Areas up to 4 hours!

The material is a high efficient NBC resistant and easy to be decontaminated butyl rubber coated fabric with high tear strength.

The seams are glued, sewed with a double seam and protected with a tape less fabric at the inside and the outside which brings higher tear strenght and chemical resistance for the seam than the material it self.

Every suit is tested in accordance to EN 464 as well as in accordance to the Austrian regulations for NBC resistance and decontamination for NBC protective equipment's.

For the highest comfort the suit should be used with our special sweat transporting underwear which ensures, that the body always feels dry.

  Technical data:


  rubber coated fabric
  Re-time against chemical warfare
  agents (Mustard, Lewisite, VX and others)
  > 8 hours - easy to decontaminate
  strength:   warp   > 900 N / 5 cm
  woof   > 900 N / 5 cm
  weight:   560 g / m

  S,  M,  L


Each seam is glued, sewed and protected with a special rubber tape.

In a gastight suit at high ambient temperature normally the temperature rise up to 60 - 70C within a short time. So the working time sometime is less than 30 minutes at aggravating circumstances.

With the fresh air blower and the special air distributing system the working time at the same conditions is up to 4 hours 2 time a day with a rest of 2 hours.  The special hoses bring the fresh air to a big area of the body surface, never blowing direct to the skin -> no cold areas.

The hoses are flat and so there is no bad feeling.  The hot and wet air is going out of the suit trough special outlet valves protected against fouling. There is nearly the same climate inside the suit as the ambient climate. At the drawings below you can see the fix mounted special-hoses and outlet valves.

  Single screen or Anti fog double screen
  Dust protection screen (easy to be changed)
  Feedthrough for Sthetoscope
  Accessories:    sizes:
  NBC rubber gloves   8,  9,  10,  11
  Cotton under gloves   9,  11
  Overboots   S,  M,  L
  Carrying bag  
  Special storage hook   UV-Protection cover
  Drying rack    Toolset for valves
  Storage and transport rack for 10 suits
  Special sweat transporting underwear

The main description and differences to all other Protective suits

If there is a terrorist attack with biological agents you never know if there are only biological agents or if there is also any quantity of chemical agents too. Therefore it is necessary to be protected against both! If you have to wear some days for a long time a protective suit for difficult and delicate handling you need a comfortable and agreeable ambient cover.

In this suit you have the most possible comfort you can have. It is not needed to wear a mask. You can put your arms out of the sleeve to your body and you can

  • dry your forehead if you feel warm
  • scrape your nose if it is tickling
  • answer your telephone *)
  • take pictures *)
  • make notices *)
  • eat and drink
  • !!  And all this without contamination
    of any of these equipments !!

    After this you are putting your hands into the sleeves again and continue to work outside the suit.

    The suit has a smooth and plan surface and therefore it is easy to decontaminate either of biological or chemical agents as well as nuclear fall out.

    The suit is made of a very lightweight material for a working period of more than 4 hours also in hot climates with a nearly normal acceptable climate inside the suit.

    *)   you can store all this equipments at different bags fixed 
          at the interior worn belt of the ventilating equipment.

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