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With little effort quickly a suitable wash possibility in the terrain. For small but also for large cars and others suitable. 

With disposable foil. For decontamination, assistance, training etc.

For storage of chemicals and fuels on site.

Chemical resistant electric plunger-pump
with Viton membran and valves.

The linkage is flexible adaptable and with stainless steel clambs equipped. The sources are with non-slip rubber feet dial.

The linkage and the tubes are in separate NBC resistant bags. Equipped with tools and spare parts-bag.

Spiral-tubes 3m and 6m with C-clutches. The sucker and the linkage are for the trans-portation fold-out.

  Technical data:


from 1 x 1 m
to 20 x 30 m 

or larger 

  Aluminium AlMgSi 0,5
  Stainless steel W.Nr. 1.4301
  Collecting-tub: PE - Foil
6 x 25 or 8 x 25 m
  Ground protection: Fleece 2 x 12 m 

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