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VBS-93-K / 3-6




for contaminated

For transporting injured, contaminated persons through contaminated terrain or for protection in the event of an NBC alarm.

The air flow from the head to the feet protects the casualty as good as possible against the dangerous gases.

For a better result the casualty is to unclothe before placing him into the casualty bag.

The casualty bag must be opened only from full protected personal !

On a stretcher, with a body sheet, with carrying handles or with carrying roods.

2 filters, ventilation controlled with 2-stage switch, batteries and filters can be exchanged in contaminated terrain.

The bag is closed with a zip that can be opened in 2 directions to reach the wounded person.

The head covering part can be opened as shown below until there is an NBC alarm.

  Technical data:


  rubber coated fabric
  Re-time against chemical warfare
  agents (Mustard, Lewisite, VX and others)
  > 8 hours - easy to decontaminate
  strength:   warp   > 900 N / 5 cm
  woof   > 900 N / 5 cm
  weight:   560 g / mē
  Ventilating equipment: 
  high output support 250 l/min
  low output support 120 l/min
  Power supply: working time:
 5 disposable 1.5 V batteries up to 8 hours
  With gastight zipper
  Seems protected at the outer side as well as at the inner side
  with tape. Outlet of air through.
  Standard NBC-Mask-Filters to protect the environment
  from warfare gases.
  With carrying handles. up to 3 windows
  Fixation belts for the patient. Fixation belts to a stretcher.
  Feed through for infusion, oxygen, stethoscope
  Up to 6 insertion sleeves with gloves
  Extended height for the use with vacuum mattress
  NBC gloves for insertion sleeves
  Cotton under gloves sizes: 9, 11
  Vacuum mattress with Carrying bag
  Special storage hook
  UV-Protection cover
  Storage and transport rack for 10 units
  Carrying bag for casualty bag
  NBC filters
  Toolset for valves

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