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Suit attachments

Our fully equipped suits come with various accessories, of which consumable parts can be purchased separately.

01. NBC-Drinking system

To prevent dehydration, adequate hydration with water is essential during long missions under summer conditions.

Our suits can be equipped with an integrated 3-litre NBC‑resistant drinking water bladder pocket at the back of the suit. The main feature of this integrated bag is that no additional bag and carrying harness is needed (standard carrying systems cannot be decontaminated).

When wearing our fresh air supply on the back, an external 3-litre NBC resistant drinking water bladder pocket can be attached to the fresh air supply carrying harness.

Alternatively, each suit can also be used with our external 3-litre drinking water bladder backpack, when no other equipment is being carried on the back.

Finally, our 3‑liter NBC resistant drinking water bladder pocket can also be worn on a field belt.

Our backpack is made from the same NBC‑Materials as our suits themselves, making it fully decontaminable.

The drinking water bladder contained within it is permanently connected to the mask during the duration of the operation via a drinking hose.

The drinking water bladder is reusable/washable and should only be replaced after direct contact with NBC warfare agents.

Moreover, the water bag can be equipped with an isolation bag to reduce the heating of the water from the sun.

Alternatively, we also offer a PET bottle adapter for use with commercially available PET bottles. However, only beverages WITHOUT carbonation should be used.

3-litre NBC resistant drinking water bladder pocket attached to field belt and connected to a mask.

3-litre NBC resistant drinking water bladder pocket attached to field belt as worn with our NBC Two Part Suit.

02. Urination system

For missions lasting several hours, adequate hydration is of great importance. However, when something is supplied to the body, something must typically be expelled as well.

To facilitate urination during missions, our NBC‑suits can be equipped with a urination system.

On the inside of the suit, a urine bag is housed in a specially designed pocket, which can be emptied externally during the mission.

The urine bag is connected by a silicone urine hose.

For the male genital organ, the known from medical settings urinal condom is available.

The female counterpart is currently not fully tested but already available for testing. In this case, the suit is equipped with glove pockets, allowing for handling of a stand-to-pee device (STP) within the suit.

All elements which come into direct contact with urine (urine bag, urine hose, urinal condom, STP) are consumable items and are therefore available separately from us.

03. Canister Swivel Connector

Content to follow...

04. Suit Hanger

Our suit hangers are custom-made to suit the specific needs of our suits, ensuring that the suits have the best chance of reaching their intended lifespan. UV protective covers for the suits are available optionally.

For One Part Suit

For Two Part Suit


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