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People transportation

The transportation of personnel, civilians, casualties, contaminated individuals, or in the worst-case scenario, deceased individuals, in connection with NBC-attacks, is a sensitive issue that our people transportation products confidently address.

01. Injured Recovery Bag

Our casualty evacuation bag serves with its various configurations for the transport of injured persons who are no longer able to move themselves and/or who need to be isolated for their own protection or for environmental protection purposes.

All configurations of the VBS have at least one viewing window integrated at the head end for monitoring.

The VBS can be transported either on a stretcher, using the integrated carrying pole, or with 6 integrated handles.

The transported individuals can be – lying freely in the VBS – using integrated restraint straps –transported on a spine immobilizing stretcher – or on a vacuum mattress.

The VBS is closed with a zip, the quality of which depends on the type of VBS.

All VBS are delivered with a ventilation device, which can be configured differently depending on the type of VBS. This ventilation device is operated using conventional 1.5 V D-batteries (LR20, 13A).

The air quality in the VBS is ensured using standard NATO respiratory air filters.

Fundamentally, the VBS is made from our proven NBC-material, and due to the higher requirements for the material of the VBS´s floor, a reinforced variant is used for this purpose.

Technical Data of the VBS-Floor material

Tear strength in warf and woop direction

> 3.000 N / 5 cm
(> 685 N / 2 in)

Grammage 680 g/m²
(20 oz/yd²)
Retention Time > 8 h

Decontaminable with all standard decontamination systems up to 105 °C

In principle, our VBS are designed to transport individuals with a height of up to 2.05 meters and a weight of up to 130 kg. Larger versions can also be custom-made upon request.


For the general transport of injured, non-contaminated individuals through contaminated areas, the standard variant VBS-93 with its configurable options is optimal.

Our VBS is equipped with a 2-way zipper that extends over at least three sides of the bag. Along the unopenable side at the head end, the zipper can be opened to shoulder height, allowing the top to be folded down until closure is required.

The VBS-93 is ventilated using our fresh air blower SAB-87z. Fresh filtered air is blown into the head end of the bag, creating positive pressure compared to the surrounding environment inside the bag. Excess exhaust air is expelled through exhaust valves at the foot end and through zipper leaks.

The functionality of the VBS-93 is only ensured when the zipper is closed, and the ventilation device is properly activated.


For the transport of contaminated individuals who either need protection from further contamination and/or need to be isolated to protect the environment, the VBS-93-K is excellent.

Essentially, it corresponds to the VBS-93, with the main difference being – on one hand, a gas-tight zipper, and on the other hand, filtered exhaust air.

The gas-tight zipper prevents contaminated air from leaking unfiltered from the VBS. The exhaust valves of the VBS-93 are replaced by receptacles for standard NATO respiratory filters, thereby filtering the exhaust air to protect the environment from contaminations.

Unlike the VBS-93, protective efficacy is also maintained when the ventilation device is switched off, as long as the zipper is closed and all closures and connections on the VBS remain intact.


For the transport of highly contaminated individuals where the environment needs to be particularly secured, our VBS-NEG offers the highest level of protection.

Unlike the VBS-93* types, the VBS-NEG operates under negative pressure. For this purpose, the VBS-NEG is equipped with an internal skeleton that ensures the VBS-NEG maintains its shape.

This internal skeleton can be set up in less than a minute.

Fresh outside air flows into the VBS-NEG through standard NATO respiratory filters at the head end. At the foot end, exhaust air is evacuated through internal standard NATO respiratory filters and expelled using an external ventilation device.

Even with the VBS-NEG, protective efficacy – through the gas-tight zipper – in combination with the respiratory filters – is at least partially maintained when the ventilation device is deactivated.

The supplied ventilation device for our VBS-NEG is the SAB-87N type, equipped with extension hoses on the suction side of the device. The NATO respiratory filters are located inside the VBS-NEG



In addition to the standard window, our VBS can be equipped with additional integrated windows, allowing for monitoring of the person or treatment of the entire body.


Our VBS can be equipped with ambidextrous gloves for intervention ‑ for treatment or monitoring.


For the treatment and monitoring of the individual inside the VBS, our VBS can be equipped with gas-tight pass-throughs – for cables, lines, etc.

02. Injured Half Bag

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03. NBC Body bag

In the event of a peacekeeping scenario with the potential for a terrorist attack involving NBC warfare agents – the imperative to attend to the wounded is clear – yet the handling of deceased individuals poses unique challenges.

Traditional coffins or standard mortuary bags are inadequate for safe transport under such circumstances.

Enter the NBC Body Bag: meticulously engineered for the secure transport and storage of contaminated deceased individuals, safeguarding both the environment and individuals from potential contamination risks.

With a retention time exceeding 200 hours against chemical warfare agents, and a tear strength of either more than 1 000 N / 5 cm or, upon request, exceeding 3,000 N / 5 cm, this bag offers unparalleled durability and protection.

Upon request, the bag can be outfitted with carrying handles for transport without the need for a stretcher, enhancing its versatility in challenging situations.

Featuring a gastight zipper with sealing capabilities to prevent unauthorized access, as well as two NATO standard threads (RD 40 x 1/7") designed to accommodate NBC filters within the bag, it ensures containment and safety even during air transport, mitigating the risk of explosion due to pressure differentials.

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