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NBC One Part Suit

The NBC One Part Suit is a heavy, impermeable, reusable, decontaminable, gas‑tight protective suit, that is opened/closed with a zip.

It is a Hazmat suit of type 1b (acc. EN 943).

The Suit is crafted from our proven NBC‑Material.

On the inside, mounted suspenders hold the suit up comfortably.

Our hazmat suits are manufactured in five clothing sizes by default – X‑Small / Small / Medium / Large / X‑Large.

Every suit is tested in accordance with EN 464 resp. ISO 17491‑1 as well as with the Austrian regulations for NBC Resistance and decontamination for NBC protective equipment.

For the highest level of comfort, we recommend using the suit with our special sweat transporting functional underwear, which ensures that the body always feels dry.

The numerous configuration options offer optimal utility for every user.


Re‑Times of more than 8 hours against chemical warfare agents.

Working time of 2 shifts – with 4 hours per shift – per day with a 2‑hour break between shifts under high summer conditions.

Configurable to meet your needs.

Known configurations


Other configurations

  • ABC‑93
  • ABC‑94
  • ABC‑95
  • ABC‑96
  • ABC‑97
  • ABC‑100
  • ABC‑104
  • ABC‑105
  • ABC‑106
  • ABC‑107
  • ABC‑108
  • ABC‑109
  • ABC‑112
  • ABC‑113
  • ABC‑114
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