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SAB-87 Ventilation-Unit

Our ventilation device SAB‑87 is used for the ventilation of our ventilated hazmat suits, Gloveboxes, and Injured Recovery Bags.

The main body of the device is made from a resilient aluminum alloy, which is treated with an appropriate coating. All rubber parts are made from our NBC‑material.

The ventilation device filters the ambient air through three standard NATO compatible NBC‑respiratory‑filters, eliminating the need for any special additional filters.

The power supply is currently provided by five conventional 1.5 V D batteries (LR20, 13A). Caution, when using rechargeable cells with a nominal voltage of 1.2V, although the operational duration (depending on the quality of the battery) can still be ensured, the maximum volume flow of the ventilation unit may not be maintained.

Our fresh air blower is operated with a fresh air volume flow of up to 250 l/min (8.8 cfm) but can also be set to a reduced power setting of up to 120 l/min (4.2 cfm).

The fresh air supply to the suit can be reduced or deactivated for use in cold environments via an integrated throttle valve. Periodic ventilation to reduce humidity inside the suit remains available to the user.

The battery compartment has gas-tight separation from the fresh air pathways, which allows the batteries to be changed in the contaminated terrain.

Our ventilation unit can be carried either with a backpack harness with cover (including the drinking system connector) or on the side of the field belt.

The ventilation unit is generally supplied with three air hoses, each with lengths suitable for the method of wear (side or on the back).

If necessary, the hoses can be protected by Protective Hose Covers.

Build Variant SAB‑87z

As a fundamentally identical variant, the ventilation device SAB‑87z serves as the counterpart. Differing only in the absence of the third connection including the air hose, and thus only featuring two connections for connecting to our suits, to double the suit ventilation.

Build Variant SAB‑87N

Another variant is the Type SAB‑87N, which was developed for the negative pressure operation of the glove box and the injured recovery bag VBS-NEG.

Based on the SAB 87z variant, no filters are directly attached to the suction side, but extension hoses are connected to the respective equipment.

The necessary NBC filters are located within the equipment.

On the pressure side, the already filtered air is freely blown out.

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