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Suit options

Our Suits are configurable with a plethora of options, where the listed options represent the always available configurations.

If the order quantity is sufficiently large, special customer-oriented adjustments are possible.

01. Suit Ventilation with Breathing supply

When wearing a gas-tight hazmat suit at high ambient temperature without suit ventilation, the inside temperature usually rises to 60–70 °C within a short time.

Therefore, the working time can be as low as 30 minutes under aggravating circumstances to reduce the physiological strain.

When using our ventilated suits with the integrated air distributing system and our fresh air blower, under the same external conditions. It’s ensured that the working time can be up to 4 hours per shift for up to two shifts per day, with a rest period of two hours in between.

The simultaneous supply of breathable air and the associated relief from the elimination of respiratory resistance through the respiratory filter also generates increased comfort during use.

The air distribution system distributes the fresh air over a large area of the body´s surface, never directly blowing onto the skin→ no cold areas.

The hoses of the air distribution system are flat so that there are no uncomfortable pressure points.

Our fresh air blower is operated with a fresh air volume flow of up to 250 l/min (8.8 cfm).

The exhaust air which is heated by body heat and solar radiation, and which is humidified by perspiration, is exhausted through special outlet valves from the suit.

The climate inside the suit is nearly identical to the ambient climate conditions.

Optionally – doubled fresh air supply:
With ambient temperatures between 40–45 °C, an optional second fresh air blower provides a doubled fresh air supply and ensures operation with the same working time (4W-2P-4W).

Optionally – Number of Exhaust Valves:
Generally, there will be at least five of our special outlet valves (one per lower leg, one per lower arm, one behind the neck) used, where the usage of eight Valves leads to more comfort in the summer through a higher fresh air volume flow. For especially challenging situations, the usage of up to eleven outlet valves has proven its worth.

02. Masks

Our Singlet, as well as our Doublet, can be delivered with either fix mounted gas masks (Type per costumer requirement, e.g. Dräger M2000 or Avon C50) or with a rubber sealing frame fitted to the mask.

Our standard rubber sealing frame, for the gas mask Dräger M2000, for sealing the suit against the mask, uses a patented double-layered lip for maximum safety of the user.

The usage of the rubber sealing frame has the upside, that the gas mask can be worn while the rest of the suit is being dressed off, and is therefore the last dressed off component of the safety equipment.

03. Panorama Window – NBC‑LAB

Our big panoramic window, that is used on the NBC‑LAB and protects against warfare agents, is made from polycarbonate.

The panorama window can be equipped with a replaceable secondary outer protective window to keep the field of view clear, which can optionally be replaced by the user.

When using the resulting double-glazed window, fogging of the inner pane at low ambient temperatures is also dramatically reduced.

04. Zip

Our NBC‑Singlet and NBC‑LAB are both deliverable with multiple options and choices.

Gas tight zippers are generally our standard version.

Waterproof zippers can instead be considered optional as a lower-performance solution, with the mandatory use of our suit ventilation.

Our zippers are generally equipped with splash protection, so any liquid contamination that might be on the suit while doffing will not carry over to the doffing personnel.

Our NBC‑Singlet has the zip on the front side diagonally from the right knee to the left shoulder mounted in the standard version.

The zip can optionally be mounted on the back centred and vertically aligned or horizontally aligned at shoulder height.

Our NBC‑LAB does have the zip on the back centred and vertically aligned. Optionally, both other previously mentioned positions are also possible.

05. Gloves

Our suits will be delivered with special rubber wrist cuffs to attach the NBC‑Gloves to the suit.

Wrist sleeves can optionally be equipped on the arm sleeves to ensure a more reliable grip, which protects largely against the unrolling of the gloves.

06. Footwear

Multiple footwear options are available for our suits.

Fix mounted rubber socks are the lightest variant, which deliver a high degree of protection.

Together with an optional indoor sole, this depicts the most economical option for pure indoor usage.

For outside usage, it is crucial to use overshoes or boots. The resulting chafing spots that are created when wearing overshoes or boots are maintenance intensive weak spots.

Socks on rubber lower leg cuffs, however, offer the following advantages. That the optimal sock size can be chosen for each user. That the suit is quicker dried after decontamination and washing because air can ventilate through the suit. And that Damaged socks can be easily replaced, by which a service/repair is not necessary for the complete suit.

Lower leg sleeves serve again as an additional protection for the socks against the roll off from the rubber cuff.

Fix mounted Boots also depict an option, that has the highest NBC protection as its primary under economical considerations.

07. Drinking system

To prevent dehydration, adequate hydration with water is essential during long missions under summer conditions.

Our suits can be equipped with an integrated 3 litre NBC‑resistant drinking water bladder pocket at the back of the suit. The main feature of this integrated bag is that no additional bag and carrying harness is needed (standard carrying systems cannot be decontaminated).

When wearing our fresh air supply on the back, an external 3-litre NBC resistant drinking water bladder pocket can be attached to the fresh air supply carrying harness.

Alternatively, each suit can also be used with our external 3-litre drinking water bladder backpack, when no other equipment is being carried on the back. Our backpack is made from the same materials as our suits themselves, making it fully decontaminable.

The drinking water bladder contained within it is permanently connected to the mask during the duration of the operation via a drinking hose. The drinking water bladder is reusable/washable and should only be replaced after direct contact with ABC warfare agents.

Moreover, the water bag can be equipped with an isolation bag to reduce the heating of the water from the sun.

Alternatively, we also offer a PET bottle adapter for use with commercially available PET bottles. However, only beverages WITHOUT carbonation should be used.

08. Urination-System

For missions lasting several hours, adequate hydration is of great importance. However, when something is supplied to the body, something must typically be expelled as well.

To facilitate urination during missions, our NBC‑suits can be equipped with a urination system.

On the inside of the suit, a urine bag is housed in a specially designed pocket, which can be emptied externally.

For the male genital organ, the known from medical settings urinal condom is available.

The female counterpart is currently not fully tested but already available for testing. In this case, the suit is equipped with glove pockets, allowing for handling of a stand-to-pee device (STP) within the suit.

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