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In our contemporary, highly interconnected society, the emergence of a serious disease, has the potential to disseminate globally within a matter of days.

For the safe and secure handling of highly hazardous biological samples, the system prioritizes comfortable working conditions for the personnel.

A laboratory for the examination of biological or chemical samples can be set up quickly and mobile with our glovebox.

Key requirements from end-users included large, distortion-free windows made of lightweight polycarbonate for air transport, alongside compact packaging.

The system is conveniently packed into two bags, containing the complete glovebox, blower unit with air hoses (SAB-87N), NBC filters, and internal power sockets to operate analytical devices within the glovebox.

Its highly resistant materials enable the handling of chemical and radiological samples as well.

The foldable material consists of butyl rubber-coated fabric (NBC-Materials) with approved resistance against warfare agents.

The blower unit (SAB-87N) is approved for NBC agents and fully decontaminable. Conventional NATO respiratory filters are used.

The glovebox can operate in both negative and positive pressure modes.

The typically battery-operated blower has a battery life of four to seven hours, and battery replacement can be done without interrupting the NBC-Safety.

Additionally, the gloves can be changed from highly resistant butyl gloves to thin medical gloves based on the threat level.

Technical Data

Size of the Glovebox:

500 x 750 x 500 mm (D x W x H)

Size of the Worksurface:

approx. 800 x 1200 mm (D x W)

Transport weight (complete):

approx. 10 kg

Power supply:

3 pcs. 1,5 V D-Batteries
(LR20, 13A) or

4,5 V mains adapter w/ connection adapter

Battery life:

4 to 7 hours

Example Pictures

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