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This casualty-half-bag is for transport and protection of not contaminated head wounded people through contaminated terrain or for protection in the event of an NBC alarm.

The filtered fresh air is blown through an air-distribution system to the face and leaves the bag at the back through a special outlet.

To enable good view and to reduce the stress for the wounded person a big window is placed in front of the bag.

KVH-96 available with SAB-87 or SBV-93

Working time in hot Areas up to 4 hours!

The material is a high efficient NBC resistant and easy to be decontaminated butyl rubber coated fabric with high tear strength.

The seams are glued, sewed with a double seam and protected with a tape less fabric at the inside and the outside which brings higher tear strength and chemical resistance for the seam than the material it self.

Every suit is tested in accordance to EN 464 as well as in accordance to the Austrian regulations for NBC resistance and decontamination for NBC protective equipment's.

For the highest comfort the suit should be used with our special sweat transporting underwear which ensures, that the body always feels dry.

KVH 96 right


Each seam is glued, sewed and protected with a special rubber tape.

In a gastight suit at high ambient temperature normally the temperature rise up to 60 - 70°C within a short time. So the working time sometime is less than 30 minutes at aggravating circumstances.

With the fresh air blower and the special air distributing system the working time at the same conditions is up to 4 hours 2 time a day with a rest of 2 hours. The special hoses bring the fresh air to a big area of the body surface, never blowing direct to the skin -> no cold areas.

The hoses are flat and so there is no bad feeling. The hot and wet air is going out of the suit trough special – outlet valves protected against fouling. There is nearly the same climate inside the suit as the ambient climate. At the drawings below you can see the fix mounted special-hoses and outlet valves.

KVH left
Technical data:


rubber coated fabric Re-time against chemical warfare agents (Mustard, Lewisite, VX and others)
> 8 hours - easy to decontaminate


warp > 900 N / 5 cm
woof > 900 N / 5 cm


560 g / m²


Single screen or Anti fog double screen

Dust protection screen (easy to be changed)

Feed through for infusion, oxygen, sthetoscope

Up to 4 insertion sleeves with gloves

Accessories: sizes:

NBC rubber gloves

8, 9, 10, 11

Cotton under gloves

9, 11


S, M, L

NBC gloves for insertion sleeves

Carrying bag

Special storage hook

UV-Protection cover

Drying rack

Toolset for valves

Storage and transport rack for 10 suits

Special sweat transporting underwear

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