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This is a military one-part NBC-protective suit with an air distribution system, manufactured in five sizes. The suits come with either a fixed mask or a smooth rubber sealing frame, and either fixed NBC boots or fixed socks with a cuff.

The suit is closed with a gas-tight zipper that runs from the right knee to the left shoulder.

It helps relieve the strain on human heat regulation during heavy work or high ambient temperature through a fresh-air distribution system. Uniform air distribution is ensured by 8 outlet valves protected against fouling.

This fix mount air-distribution system brings fresh and dry air to any place of the body. The supply is provided by a fresh-air blower with an output of up to 250 l/min.

The working time in hot areas extends to 4 hours!

ABC 92 right
ABC 92 left

A high tear strength butyl rubber coated fabric is used, which is highly resistant to NBC and easy to decontaminate.

The seams are glued, sewed with a double seam, and protected with a tape less fabric on the inside and the outside. This brings higher tear strength and chemical resistance to the seam than the material itself.

Every suit is tested in accordance with EN 464 as well as to the Austrian regulations for NBC resistance and decontamination for NBC protective equipment.

For the greatest level of comfort, we recommend using the suit with our special sweat-transporting underwear, which ensures that the body always feels dry.

  Technical data:


  • rubber coated fabric
  • Re-time against chemical warfare
  • agents (Mustard, Lewisite, VX and others)
  • > 8 hours - easy to decontaminate
Strength:warp > 900 N / 5 cm
woof > 900 N / 5 cm
Weight:560 g / m²

S, M, L

NSN.:8416 - 23 - 113 - 9714


Each seam is glued, sewed, and covered with a special rubber tape.

When wearing a gas-tight suit at high ambient temperature, the temperature usually rises to 60–70 °C within a short time. The working time can be as low as 30 minutes under aggravating circumstances.

With the fresh air blower and the special air distributing system, the working time at the same conditions is up to 4 hours for two shifts per day with a rest of 2 hours in between. The special hoses bring fresh air to a large area of the body surface, never directly blowing onto the skin → no cold areas.

The hoses are flat, so you won't feel any discomfort. The hot and wet air is being evacuated from the suit through special outlet valves that are protected against fouling. The climate inside the suit is nearly identical to the ambient climate. Below are illustrations of the fix mounted special-hoses and outlet valves.

ABC 92 Drawing
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